As we proceeded with our business in the Philippines, we were involved with many local people. The average age of the Philippines is 24 years old,
and there are many young people who are very motivated to work.
Filipinos, who have a high level of pro-Japanese sentiment and whose second language is English, have qualitites that can be very appealing for most
Japanese companies.

Four Characteristics of Filipinos

  • Language Ability.

    In the Philippines, in addition to Tagalog, English is spoken as the second official language. Since there are many Filipino migrant workers abroad, English and Filipino are taught from an early age, and they are trained to master these two languages throughout their school education.

  • Excellent Technical Learning Ability

    The Republic of the Philippines is considered one of best countries for sending workers overseas. The reasons why Filipinos are invited as workers from all over the world are that they have high technical skills, high motivation to work, and high adaptability.

  • A National Character Rich in Hospitality

    The people of the Philippines have the same warmth as that of the early Showa period with its nostalgic family bond and neighborly relationships.
    The most important factor in choosing Filipinos is the importance they give to family love, friendliness, and hospitality that values the elderly.

  • Responsibility and Cooperation

    Filipinos are very family-oriented. Most Filipinos (OFW) working abroad are sending money for their families in the Philippines.
    In particular for example is their williness to pay for the school tuition of their siblings who are younger than they are.
    Since they do not feel reluctant to work in other countries, they have a strong sense of responsibility and are very cooperative.